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The Kingdom of Isles, East - West divide

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 09 October 2008

During the era about which I write, there's always been a schism to one degree or another between the East and the West. The "history" prior to the books is that for a couple of centuries, Krondor was the Western-most city in the Kingdom. During Lord Borric's great grandfather's time, a massive revolt down in Kesh caused the Empire to strip all their northern garrisons and call them back (think Rome pulling out of Britain) leaving the way open for Kingdom expansion. Yabon asked for annexation as the only alternative to being overrun by goblins and the Brotherhood of the Dark Path, but Natal and the free cities declared themselves the Kingdom of Bosania. Queg declared itself an "empire," and claimed the Yabon coast, but was run out of LaMut and Yabon. During the life of Lord Borric's grandfather, the Kingdom invaded Boasnia and conquered the Far Coast, but failed to conquer the cities and towns along the coast of Natal. They fought for fifteen years and finally had an armistice. The Free Cities organized as a rough federation, the Far Coast became the Duchy of Crydee.

So, at the time of Magician, the West is still recently newly expanded, under populated, surrounded by potentially hostile enemies, and a drain on resources for the Kingdom as a whole.

That's the background.

Best, R.E.F.


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