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What is Quegan Fire ?

From: Raymond Feist
Date: 12 April 2002

"Greek Fire," which was a "mystery" for centuries (mostly because folks forgot how to make it, not that the Greeks every had an exclusive on how to make the stuff) was the model for Quegan Fire. There are several different ways of making it, depending on what you want it to do, but mostly it's burns hell out of stuff. The Greeks love it for naval warfare because water just spread it around faster. You had to burry it with sand to have a prayer in containing it, because it contained its own oxidant. It was, if momeory serves, naptha mixed with linestone dust (which is pretty explosive in its own right) for the slow burning stuff, and napthaleen, the distilation of natpha, with the dust for the really explosive stuff. Given it's been 18 years since I read the damn articles I used for Darkness, the memory could be playing tricks.

Best, R.E.F.

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