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When did the first Midkemia game start

From: Stephen Abrams
Date: 01 March 1996

The first 'true' Midkemia game/campaign started in 1976. It was mostly composed of a group of University of California, San Diego, students and graduate students. At it's most active (early to mid 80's), there
were as many as 12 active GMs, each controlling and developing pieces of the world, varying from single Cities (and 'dungeons') to entire continents (like Ray's Novindus). There are a handfull of groups out there that got seeded with rules (mostly by someone leaving San Diego and starting a new group).

I guess I could be called the 'orginal GM' with Jon Everson #2 (you know, Abramsev and Evdem [no, we didn't make up the names, just got pasted with them]).

Steve Abrams
Midkemia Press

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