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Can you explain a bit about the religions on Midkemia

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 24 September 1998

OK, Let me clear up something:

Don't compare Midkemia religions to any on Earth, because on Midkemia the gods are objectively real. OK?

They walk around, talk to people, and screw with their lives a lot of times, like the Ancient Greeks' myths.

In that context, many people's attitudes towards the gods is a lot like the Romans, not a mater of faith and piety, but rather a manner of duty. You went to temple and made offerings in Roman, not because you were worried about belief, but because you felt duty.

So, Midkemian Gods are a lot like the Tax man. You know they're out there; you know they have their due; you know they'll leave you alone if you don't screw up; and you don't spend every waking hour concerned with them. But like the Tax man, when they start screwing with your life, you're 100% occupied with that.

Remember, faith is a non-issue in Midemeia. There are no atheists on Midkemia.

So, all Earth religions require faith as a component. Midkemian religions don't require faith, because everyone knows someone who's got a brother, friend, uncle, cousin, whatever who upset a god and got turned into a toad, vanished without explanation, became a chaotic monk, etc.

Best, R.E.F.

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