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More on the Moredhel 'Returning'

question In Krondor - The Betrayal, Gorath hasn't "returned" because he still has a link to his past he has to sort out (Delekhan), therefore he is regarded as "returning". Although in Legends of the Riftwar - Honoured Enemy, Tinuva (Morvai) has "returned" (he has received his Eledhel name), although he still has two links to his past, Bovai (his Moredhel brother) and his Moredhel wife Anleah who he left behind, although still loves.
Is this a discrepancy or did the Eledhel decide after the problem with Tinuva, any Moredhel "returning" wasn't considered "returned" until he had cut all ties to his Moredhel past?


From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 20 April 2008

It's not a binary thing, yes or no.  Tinuva had returned, i.e. he had found his way off the dark path.  Gorath didn't return, rather he was "doing the right thing" from his point-of-view.  Betrayal allowed me to show some of the internal political reality within the moredhel community, i.e. the byplay with his estranged wife, his talk with an old enemy before Owyn, etc.

What I try to do as much as possible, is not to have a "one size fits all" cookie-cutter cultures.  Not every dark elf was happy with what went down during the Riftwar/Great Uprising, and that's what I was trying to show.

Honored Enemy gave me a chance to show more of the moredhel culture, specifically that the "returning" was a spiritual transformation (seen as a corruption by the dark elves) not a political one.

Best R.E.F

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