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Vincent Dutrait


Vincent Dutrait spent his childhood in the hills and plains of Provence. He studied illustration and graphic design at the 'Emile Cohl' School in Lyon. After graduation, he became an independent illustrator.

He has created works for such publishers as J'aiLu SF (Chronicles of Krondor), Paizo (Dragon Magazine or range Dungeons & Dragons), Fanpro (Black Eye), Green Ronin (Warhammer RPG) & co. At the same time, he taught comics at the 'Emile Cohl' School (1999 to 2003). He found passing on his knowledge very rewarding.

He has been inspired by American painters of the early nineteenth century - N. C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle - also his contemporaries, Jean Nicollet, John Howe, Angus McBride, and so many others ...

His interests include playing the piano and listening to music, reading fantasy literature, especially the works of William Hope Hodgson, watching films, and travel to Asian destinations, visiting China several times, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea.

Since discovering the beautiful country of South Korea, he has made it his home, currently residing with his wife and daughter, in Seoul

He considers this all a great adventure. inspiring and feeding his imagination.

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