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At times the books get refered to by abreviations of their titles, the following is a list of the common abbreviations used. Note some of these titles may not yet be released. Check the Publication Information for details.




Magician Mag
    Magician Apprentice MA
    Magician Master MM
Silverthorn Sil
A Darkness at Sethanon ADAS
Daughter of the Empire DoE
Servant of the Empire SoE
Mistress of the Empire MoE
Prince of the Blood PoB
The Kings Buccaneer tKB
Shadow of a Dark Queen SoaDQ
Rise of a Merchant Prince RoaMP
Rage of a Demon King RoaDK
Shards of a Broken Crown SoaBC
Krondor the Betrayal KtB
Krondor the Assassins KtA
Krondor Tear of the Gods KtotG
Jimmy and the Crawler  JatC
Honoured Enemy HE
Murder in LaMut MiL
Jimmy the Hand JtH
Talon of the Silver Hawk TotSH
King of Foxes KoF
Exiles Return ER
Flight of the Nighthawks FotN
Into a Dark Realm IaDR
Wrath of a Mad God WoaMG
Rides a Dread Legion  RaDL
At the Gates of Darkness  AtGoD
A Kingdom Besieged  AKB
A Crown Imperiled  ACI
Magicians End  MEnd
Faerie Tale FT

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