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Steve M. Stirling

SM Stirling

Stephen Michael Stirling is a Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author, born in Metz, France in 1953 to an English mother and Canadian father. He has lived in several countries, moved to Canada as a teenager. He earned a law degree at Osgood Hall in Toronto, and worked numerous odd jobs before settling down to write full time in 1988.

His novels are generally conflict driven and often describe military situations and militaristic cultures. A frequent collaborator, Stirling has written books with Holly Lisle, David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, Anne McCaffrey, Raymond E. Feist, and James Doohan. He's also written Babylon 5 and Terminator 2 media tie-ins.

Stirling is probably best-known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent Island in the Sea of Time time travel/alternate history and Dies the Fire trilogies. His novels Go Tell The Spartans and Prince of Sparta are set in Jerry Pournelle's "CoDominium" future history.

Stephen currently resides in New Mexico in the United States with his wife Jan.

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