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How best to post a weblink to the mailing list

There comes a time where you need to post a web URL to the mailing list, in this FAQ we will try and explain, and for those not sure what a URL is, its one of these -


There is a problem though when the address gets long, like the following.


Some email readers will break the link, which when a user clicks the link, results in a page not found. Often its obvious whats happened, because you can see the rest of the link on subsequent lines, so you could quite easily add the missing bits to the address in the address bar to reach the intended destination.

Unfortunately there are plenty of "internet challenged" users out there, who would find this complex indeed, so to help those and others, it is advised that you precede the link by "<" and follow the link with ">" , so you get


This will work in many case, but its not guaranteed. Many thanks for the suggestion go to Anestis Kozakis from the Feistfans-l Mailing list


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