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Retention is the amount allotted on the UseNet server to store articles (post). This is represented by how much Hard Disk space or available Disk Reels that the server has for the newsgroup. The smaller the space the shorter the time that the article will be available for download, and the more post a group receives may reduce the time that a file is stored. This is how the file is actually deleted. It is written over by writing the new article just posted over the oldest posted articles in a group.

In the case of a multi-part post, if the new article is written over the oldest part of the linked post. Then that part of the multi-part post is lost. If you didn’t get, you’ll have to put in a request for a repost and this may tie up the system, so wait before re-requesting a file and see if you can get it from another source. Or you can request that particular part and someone just might have that first part.

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