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Will REF have time to hang out after a book signing?

From: "Raymond E. Feist"
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998

Usually, if I can grab a few minutes to hang with anyone, it's right after the signing at a local (as in the mall or across the street) resturant or pub. In Philly, we got to hit the local burger join in the mall for, what was it? A whole half-hour? Usually, I'm at the mercy of the escorts and often do "drive-bys" as I call them, or drop-in visits where I stop at local stores, whoelsalesrs, or major jobbers, where I'm not doing an apperances. I've hit as many as six stores in a day that way. I won't know probably until the day of the signing when they tell me where I'm going between personal appearances. Sometimes I have the time, or sometimes I have to run right out the door to catch a plane. If the last plane out from Pittsburgh to Philly is at 5, it doesn't matter that my signing the next day isn't until noon, because the next day's first plane out gets me in a 1 pm and I MUST catch that 5pm flight, to illustrate. I've missed flights before due to weather and equipment problems, and let me tell you it bitches up a tour like nothing you can imagine.

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