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Elf names

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 14 March 2001

I borrowed the names from Tolkien, just for the hell of it. The rational about why they have those labels is this:

Each of them, in their own language, calls themselves "the people," more or less. Eledhel, moredhel, and glamredhel are names that "stuck" i.e. "Apache" is actually a Navaho word for "Enemy." In the Apache's own language, they call themselves The People. Same with the Cheyenne, they are The People, and everyone else is the Lakota, the Crow, the Blackfeet, the Shoshone, etc.

Eldar is a rank or class within the eledhel, more or less, today. And by the time of the game, the glamradhel ceased to exist, having come to live with the eldhel.

Best, R. E. F.

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