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General FAQs - Characters

  1. Where did Mara of the Acoma come from?
  2. Why did you kill Locky in Kesh?
  3. What is the Name of Jimmy and Dash's SIster
  4. Will there be more tales with Calis?
  5. How did the general storyline and character developments come about in the Empire Trilogy?
  6. What happened to Meecham?
  7. Was Boldar Blood a character to add a bit of flavor, or do you have any future plans for him?
  8. Do you plan to focus more on the main characters in the final books or have them interact with more you create?
  9. I thought the Minwanabi were obliterated?
  10. Why did Nicholas and Lasha break up?
  11. What are everyday Tsurani people are like?
  12. Why did "insert character name" die?
  13. I thought Amos a really wise character, am I correct?
  14. Are the characters someone you want to be?  Or are they simply just characters?
  15. Why did Arutha die in such a lame way?
  16. Where did the name Grindle come from, as in Helmut Grindle?
  17. Will we be hearing more about the Dwarves?
  18. Do you ever miss writing about characters that have moved out of the story either through death or just the story line?
  19. When you thought of the Tsurani armour did you have an idea which parts were which colours?
  20. Which character did you feel the closest too while writing, and which are you most proud off?
  21. What happened to Gathis after Shards of a Broken Crown
  22. You mention that the darkwind sweeps across Krondor, did Arutha, Martin and Lyam also feel it.
  23. Why did Catherine marry Borric, when she really loved Guy?
  24. Any chance of seeing Rays verision of the characters of the Riftwar and Serpentwar?
  25. What happened to Lucas's sons?
  26. Is Tomas still around during the time of the RPG?
  27. Can you describe what Martin Longbow looks like?
  28. How did Boldar find the Hall of Worlds?
  29. Have you ever thought about writing a book in Legends of the Riftwar on Roald's life as a mercenary?
  30. In Flight of the Nighthawks, it mentions that Kaspar had been an only child, but didn't he have a sister ?
  31. Why is the "Upright Man" called the "Upright Man"?
  32. What is Fantus' secret?
  33. Where is or what happened to Fantus the Fire Drake?
  34. Does Sergeant Harper in "Shards of a Broken Crown" bears any resemblance to Sergeant Harper in the "Sharpe" series?
  35. Who was the duke of rillanon after James while the serpent war saga?
  36. How long does the Empress live in the Prince of the Blood?
  37. It's said that when someone dies, they take another turn on the wheel, but have none of the memories from the past lives. Would they still have the powers they once had?
  38. I found a picture on the internet that has a person called Armand de Sevigny. Was he a friend, maybe a Friday Nighter ?
  39. Was Prince Nicolas's deformed leg a result of Arutha and Anita being distant cousins?
  40. How did Katala Die ?
  41. Any chance of you just writing a book on Pugs adventures?
  42. Why is Arutha Jameson reffered to as Lord Vencar?
  43. Is there anything Pug and Co cannot handle ?
  44. Has Pug's fate created an unavoidable destiny and a certain doom?
  45. Does Nakor have a rift at the bottom of his bag ?
  46. What's your favorite characters that you have created?
  47. In RoaDK, how did Sho Pi get from Stardock to Elvandar when the others went to the City Forever?
  48. I remember Macros giving some story about the inhabitants of Villa Beata, Was it True?
  49. Are the books characters to a certain extent based upon real life people ?
  50. What happened to Roo, Luis and Erik?
  51. Are Praji and Vaga a gay/bisexual couple?
  52. Stefan, Manfred and sexuality in general
  53. How did you come up with the Hadati
  54. Did Fadawah ever come up against the dwarves before his death?
  55. Is Robert De Lyis actually Robert De Lyes
  56. Why didn't we see Character 'X' in book 'Y'
  57. Is "Kitty" from serpent war related to "Kat" From Riftwar Legacy
  58. Is the Assassins Guild Structured like the Thieves Guild ?
  59. Where was Jazhara during Prince of the Blood?
  60. What happened to Jazhara ?
  61. What Happened to Owyn Belefote
  62. How did Laurie Die?
  63. Why was Arutha Jamison's generation skipped in the storyline?
  64. Is Roo Avery related to John Avery ?
  65. Do we ever find out Nakor's age?
  66. What does Nakor Look like?
  67. How did Praji & Vaja get to Novindus in SoaDQ when they were in Krondor in tKB?
  68. What were the general scope of Kulgan's abilities?
  69. Why was a Great One on the Ship that ran aground near Crydee at the begining of Magician ?
  70. Do Kingdom titles automatically pass to the child ?
  71. Are there Knight-Admirals ?
  72. What's the relationship of the Bas-Tyras to the throne?
  73. Any chance that we might see a book about Nakor and his background?
  74. Can Pug Teleport or not?
  75. Is it only Elf names that are not mentioned after traveling to the Blessed Isles?
  76. What happened to Harry of Ludland?
  77. What does a Tsurani's face look like ?
  78. Have you thought about writing a book on Nakor?
  79. How long before the Riftwar did (the real) Murmandamus die?
  80. Why is Abram-Sev know as the Lawgiver(1)? Also, why is he the Thunderer(2)?
  81. In Magician, was Rhuagh living in Ashen-Shugar's ex-residence?
  82. Why didn't Kulgan express any interest at all in going to Kelewan with Pug?
  83. Did Arutha outlive Anita?
  84. Was Pug and Tomas encounter with Lims Kragma real ?
  85. Do/did you use any formula for the names you use in your books?
  86. Where did the name Grindle come from?
  87. What is a Fuller?
  88. What happened to the girl Nicky saved in the King's Buccaneer when they got to Krondor?
  89. Do the female conDoins get buried in the family crypt in Rillanon?
  90. What happened to Carline?
  91. What does Martin Longbow look like?
  92. Why Pug?
  93. What are the Prince of Krondor's colors and what does his tabard look
  94. What makes the Cho-ja magician different from the the Black Ones?
  95. What happened to Harry, Nicky's friend
  96. Why did Catherine marry Borric?
  97. Why was Kevin brought back?
  98. Did you know you were going to 'rehabilitate' Guy?
  99. Could Anita have become Princess of Krondor when her Father died?
  100. Does the honorific 'Heir Presumptive' apply when introducing any male in the line of succession?
  101. What do you feel when you kill off characters?
  102. Do you have a character that you enjoy writing about more than the others?
  103. What are the Hadti like?
  104. When did Lyam die
  105. Was Miranda in the sequel to King's Buccaneer that never got written
  106. What are the Names of Rhuagh's parents
  107. What about surnames?
  108. How to Pronounce Macros
  109. Who would win in a swordfight...Arutha in his prime or Erik in his prime?
  110. How tall are the Races
  111. What does Fantus do?
  112. How big is Fantus?
  113. Is the Tsurani influence in LaMut still noticeable in the RPG time period?
  114. What is the culture of Kesh
  115. When does Amos Trask die
  116. Why did you chose to keep Martin around
  117. Whay are there no Female Great Ones
  118. Is Pug in the book Jimmy the Hand
  119. Where did Acoma come from (Re:I saw "Lady of Acoma" mentioned in"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley)
  120. What ever happened to the Cho-ja magicians?
  121. Did Elgohar return to the Assembly after his stint on Midkemia?
  122. Elf names
  123. Have you ever been tempted to cameo yourself or someone you know in any of your books?
  124. REF on Books
  125. Will there be a book about Macros the Blacks history ?
  126. What does conDoin mean
  127. Why does the description of some characters sound like others
  128. Does Erik ever retrieve Bobby's body like he talks about in Shards
  129. Why the character list at the front of Shadow of a Dark Queen
  130. What do the people of Midkemia sound like when they speak
  131. Why do elven names like Moredhel sound like Tolkein
  132. Why does Ray kill off characters
  133. How did Meecham got that scar
  134. How Powerful is a Golden Dragon?
  135. Pugs Name
  136. Who is Dala ?
  137. Valheru Names
  138. Who is Ishap?
  139. Are the books characters to a certain extent based upon real life people ?
  140. Who is Sidi, really?
  141. Pugs Hand Injury and Healing Magic
  142. Are Jimmy and Lysle half brothers or full brothers?
  143. If Pug could stop (or slow down) aging for himself, how come he can't do it for others?
  144. Are the Valheru really all dead?
  145. What would have happened if Macros had merged with Sarig?
  146. Who is Miranda?
  147. Are Rupert (Roo) Avery and John Avery (the pirate) related?
  148. Who were Pug's parents?
  149. How long do the various races live?
  150. Where do place and character names come from ?
  151. Why didn't Pug simply blow up all the ships of the Emerald Queen?
  152. Are Kulgan and Meecham a gay couple?
  153. What happened to the old body of the Oracle of Aal?
  154. Are we ever going to get more background on Nakor
  155. What is going to happen with Pug
  156. Is Macros really dead?