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Dragon colours not seen on Midkemia in Ages in A Darkness at Sethanon

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 24 April 1996

Well, I'm sorry if things got confused. And remember, you're asking me about stuff I haven't thought of in 20 years.

I think what I meant by that passage wasn't that those colors didn't exist but that dragons had gotten so rare on Midkemia (due to war with the dwarves and humans) that to have those colors in the sky now was rare, as it may have been a couple of hundred years since a dragon went through the blue phase, or the red phase, or the black phase. So if there were a dozen golden dragons scattered around the planet, and a couple of hundred in various points of evolution, suddenly there was a whole flock of new dragons and they covered the range of sizes and colors.

Anyway, that's now the official story and that's the one I'm sticking to!

Best, R.E.F.

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