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What was the general plot outline for Return of the Buccaneer ?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 17 September 1997

The base story was Calis recruits Bobby de Lonville along with the "baddest muthers" from he Border Lords and other places, puts together a crew, and returns to Novindus to see what's what with the Pantathians, help Hatonis deal with some problems in the City of the Serpent River, and make the journey to where the first meet the Emerald Queen, fight the battle of Hamsa, get their asses kicked, flee to the sea, and escape, vowing to come back. A lot of what's in there was used as back story in Shadow, and now it couldn't be written because Nakor sees Clovis as the Emerald Queen for the 1st time in Shadow, and didn't make the journy with Bobby and Calis, when he would have in RotB, etc.

And will I write it ever? No.

Best, R.E.F

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