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General FAQs - Other Midkemian Books

  1. Are you going to continue with Honest john later down the track?
  2. Titles not available in Audio Book format
  3. Why a title may not be available in eBook format
  4. What was At the Gates of Chaos
  5. What was Return of a Demon King
  6. I have this idea for a book.
  7. Any chance of you just writing a book on Pugs adventures?
  8. Are the last two books of the Krondor Series already Written ?
  9. Do you have everything planned for the last two Krondor books.
  10. What do Midkemians Read - Newspapers, Magazines, Fiction, History, Fantasy ?
  11. What was the general plot outline for Return of the Buccaneer ?
  12. What would Return to the Buccaneer story have contained?
  13. Will we see more short stories, maybe with Mara of the Acoma ?
  14. Will there be a book on the Chaos Wars?
  15. Any chance that we might see a book about Nakor and his background?
  16. Will there be any more revised books?
  17. What is Geroldos Incredible Trick
  18. Why was Murder in Krondor changed to Krondor The Assassins?
  19. Will there be an Atlas sometime ?
  20. Was Miranda in the sequel to King's Buccaneer that never got written
  21. I Hear there may be an Atlas of Midkemia
  22. Is the Magician proof a copy of the original typewritten work, or is it a Doubleday retype
  23. Is Pug in the book Jimmy the Hand
  24. Is there an overall title for the Midkemia and Kelewan books
  25. Will there be a book about Macros the Blacks history ?
  26. Why is it Honoured and not Honored in the books
  27. What are Tales of the Riftwar
  28. What is "Murder in Krondor"
  29. Is there an estimated date (or year) of release for "Krondor: The Crawler" and Krondor: The Dark Mage
  30. How come each chapter in REF's books starts like "The Storm Broke"?
  31. Is there going to be a book about <x>?
  32. Where can I find Profit and the Grey Assassin
  33. What is profit and the Grey Assassin
  34. Short stories
  35. Are there going to be more Kelewan-based books?