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At Crydee we receive a lot of email each day, and for each valid email, we often receive a thousand that are SPAM, so to help ensure your email gets noticed, and therefore the attention you would like, please read the following before posting. 

NOTE: Multiple copies of the same/similar email are considered SPAM, even if sent to the different addresses, and WILL be deleted.

In some cirumstances you may receive an automated response, as we have limited resources, which you can find out about, by reading About Us. Please take the time to try and find your own answers, as for every minute we spend on a direct reply, we lose a minute of time to research and add content for the benefit of all our visitors.


SPAM filters are operational on incoming email, so if you send an email and unfortunately it matches the filters, which determines it as SPAM, it will be auto-deleted. Other filters are in place to delete emails that 'SHOUT'.

These email address are images and used as part of our anti SPAM measure, necessary due to email harvesting. Please note these email address may change at random as part of that anti SPAM measure so check back before posting.

Please choose the appropriate email address for your purpose, using the wrong email address may get your email ignored, or auto-deleted. To use an email address please type it into your email program.

If you have received what you consider SPAM from a address, please read Handling SPAM Emails first before emailing us.

A word of warning - If you are a student, we will not do your homework for you. There is plenty of information at Crydee for your research, and if you can't find what you want, you probably havn't looked hard enough, or it doesn't exist !

Signatures, and Signing of Books


Please do not ask for Raymond E. Feist's autograph, signature, or photograph, as we are sorry, but we can not help you. You might try his publishers, they may have something suitable, though I have not heard of this. Also please do not ask if a book can be signed, but read this article for further information.




If you are a Fan, and wish to contact Raymond E. Feist please look at joining the Feistfans-L Mailing list.

We have placed menus at Crydee for your ease of navigation, please ensure you use them before contacting us. If you email a question where the answer can easily be found at Crydee, especially in the FAQ or Fact section, Whats Happening / Latest News  or by entering simple keywords into the search box, please do not take offence, but don't expect a response. Also don't contact us and ask for the reading order, you can find it by a simple search.

Please do not ask for Raymond E. Feist Email Address, as it will not be released, though emails may be forwarded for his consideration.

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If you are an Author who would like Raymond E Feist to review, or blurb a book please read R.E.F On Reviewing Books


Audio Books


Please do not contact us asking why Raymond E. Feist has not produced his books in Audio Book Format, but read this FAQ. If you are a publisher and are interested in the Rights, please follow the contact information below.




If you would like to contact Raymond E. Feist to discuss publication rights, we will be pleased to forward your email. Please ensure you identify your company and use a company email address NOT an Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other free email account, as these will be ignored.

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If you have information to provide on Published books, or Future Releases, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Please provide as much information as you can, and if possible the cover art. We will then happily make it available at Crydee.

If you would like to donate any books, proofs, publicity material, or even Cover Art, all would be gratefully received, and used to boost the content of the site, provide prizes in competitions, and help fund the running costs. If you are interested and would like to help please contact us, and we will provide you with a mailing address

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Film Studios

Production companies etc.


If you are interested in making any of the books/stories by Raymond E. Feist into a Movie, Series, Animation etc, please read this FAQ, before using the link to the right.


Other Business


First read the above section for Fans. 

If you wish to contact Raymond E. Feist on other business, I will happily forward an email for you. Please Do Not ask for Raymond E. Feist Email Address, as it will not be released.

Please ensure you identify your company or organisation, and use a company email address NOT an Aol, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other free email account, as these may be ignored.

No information you provide to Crydee will be disclosed to anyone other than Raymond E. Feist.

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Errors and Inconsistencies


Please do not contact us regards errors in A Crown Imperilled, Ray is already aware. We will not reply ! 

If you 'really' wish to advise us of Errors and inconsitencies in the books, please read Errors and Inconsistencies first.

We are already aware of many of the errors that exist in the books, some of which are recorded in the FAQ's under Errors and Discrepancies.

Remember the Crydee admin., are not the publishers, and there is little we can do about errors.

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Corrections, Additions, and Errors


If you wish to advise Corrections or additions for the website.

If you want to report a missing image or page, please first try refreshing your browser, and then try a search. Its not often we delete things, though we do occasionally have to move content, as new information comes to light.

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If you want to purchase books from our Trading Post please contact the webmaster.

You want a book valued? We do not give valuations, please see or statement in Help.

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