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Were there certain obstacles when writing Magician Apprentice?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 11 December 2000

Well, first and foremost, there was no "Magician: Apprentice/Master." There was one book, Magician, which was published in a single volume in hardcover then split into two in the US for paperback. In the UK, it's one volume in paperback.

Magician was a patchwork at first. I didn't really know how to fabricate a novel, so I started with a premise, wrote the first scene, then realized I needed something in front of that, so that by the time the book was
published, what I thought was the 1st chapter wasn't even in the book. I actually used the main idea for the original opening of Magician in King's Buccaneer, the pirate raid on Crydee.

Originally, it wasn't going to be aliens, but rather a raiding nation from across the Endless Sea that started the war. The rift idea came soon after, which is why I abandoned the pirate raid scenes.

Best, R. E. F.

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