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General FAQs - Riftwar Saga

Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the first series of books entitled the Riftwar Saga.

  1. What about a book on the Chaos Wars or the Valheru?
  2. Why was a Tsurani Great One on the ship that crashed on the beach and not using a transportation orb?
  3. You mention that the darkwind sweeps across Krondor, did Arutha, Martin and Lyam also feel it.
  4. Why did Catherine marry Borric, when she really loved Guy?
  5. Any chance of seeing Rays verision of the characters of the Riftwar and Serpentwar?
  6. Why was the second book of Magician called "Milamber and the Valheru", as opposed to "Milamber and Ashen-Shugar"?
  7. Why should Midkemia have 5 riftwars in 500 years, after having had none in the previous 10,000?
  8. When Pug and Tomas meet the Tiger men, why do they speak Kingdom ?
  9. Did you have a rough history of the Riftwars and Midkemia when you started writing ?
  10. Is the Assassins Guild Structured like the Thieves Guild ?
  11. Where was Jazhara during Prince of the Blood?
  12. Was Armengar rebuilt ?
  13. Why was a Great One on the Ship that ran aground near Crydee at the begining of Magician ?
  14. How much background was written for Midkemia , before the books?
  15. Is there a basic Plan to the Midkemian books?
  16. Were there certain obstacles when writing Magician Apprentice?
  17. When did the Riftwar Sage end?
  18. When did the Riftwar end?
  19. Does the honorific 'Heir Presumptive' apply when introducing any male in the line of succession?
  20. What was the Great Uprising?
  21. How did you think up the Hall of Worlds?
  22. Did you know the entire Riftwar Saga when you started to write the Magician?
  23. Why did the revised Magician get labelled New Revised in the UK when the Doubleday edition was Author's Preferred Edition
  24. How many years separates the end of the Chaos Wars and the beginning of the Riftwar
  25. Can all the races of Midkemia continue to co-exist harmoniously and autonomously
  26. Why did Pug and Co. use the hall after escaping the time trap rather than the Dragon
  27. Where did the dragons go at the end of A Darkness at Sethanon
  28. Is there an overall title for the Midkemia and Kelewan books
  29. What does the cover of the US Magician APE depict
  30. What does conDoin mean
  31. Why are you so optimistic about your characters, no one in Magician seemed to be 'bad'
  32. Is there any chance that you may have your "Rift Wars" saga put on CD?
  33. Why is it called the Riftwar/Serpentwar "Saga?"
  34. How does the Riftwar series relate to the original game?
  35. Why was the Magician Author's Preferred Edition created?
  36. What happened to Rhuagh's treasure?