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Why would a high-level Lesser Path be more powerful than a Greater Path of equivalent level?

From: Raymond E. Feist
Date: 21 September 1996

Without going into heavy detail, the high level lesser path can control major forces.

For example, a greater path can do stuff like "big fireball," while a high lesser path can do things like "make weather." So, if you're attacking a city do you want the guy who can toss a six hit die lightning bolt at the walls, or the one who can make a hurricane hit it while you're guys are sitting on the hills watching from their warm and dry position?

If we ever get the rules published, you'll see. If you want a long term campaign character, getting a lesser path to survive is worth the payoff as time goes by.

You go high enough with a lesser path in the arcane vitris discipline, for example, I think they get to a "create life" level where they're building lifeforms, which can be pretty awesome. They can summon and control demons. They can build devices which can do things beyond the scope of the most powerful greater path.

One of the reasons I worked so hard on Jon to finally get the rule written (they were the LAST part of the Tome of Midekmia collected--and we had to drag Jon into writing them down so I could convert them into human), because they are among the most interesting fantasy character types ever done.

I did most of the thief rules, helped Rich Spahl do Assassins, and worked with Jon on Lesser Paths, and that last one was the best, if the most frustrating to do.

Best, R.E.F.


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