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General FAQs - Magic

  1. Why was a Tsurani Great One on the ship that crashed on the beach and not using a transportation orb?
  2. How do Dwarves use magic?
  3. Are there any dwarf magicians?
  4. What it is that seperates the lesser & greater paths of magic?
  5. It's said that when someone dies, they take another turn on the wheel, but have none of the memories from the past lives. Would they still have the powers they once had?
  6. Is there anything Pug and Co cannot handle ?
  7. Why should Midkemia have 5 riftwars in 500 years, after having had none in the previous 10,000?
  8. Does Nakor have a rift at the bottom of his bag ?
  9. Are the Eldar very knowledgeable Spellweavers, or do they practice a different kind of magic?
  10. How powerfull are Moredhel magic users ?
  11. Where do Mudcrafters come from and whst do they do ?
  12. What were the general scope of Kulgan's abilities?
  13. Why would a high-level Lesser Path be more powerful than a Greater Path of equivalent level?
  14. What are Archane Vitrus dedicated Lesser Paths?
  15. Why was a Great One on the Ship that ran aground near Crydee at the begining of Magician ?
  16. Can Pug Teleport or not?
  17. How is the paradox of time travel solved? Can someone in the Midkemian reality meet his older self?
  18. What makes the Cho-ja magician different from the the Black Ones?
  19. Does Magic result from a Prayer to Sarig
  20. Whay are there no Female Great Ones
  21. What ever happened to the Cho-ja magicians?
  22. How Powerful is a Golden Dragon?
  23. What is Stardock like in the period of the RPG?
  24. What is Greater/Lesser Path magic?
  25. What is a Word of Power?