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Riftwar Cycle

This is the place to lose oneself at leisure and discover the wealth of knowledge that makes Midkemia and Kelewan the world's of Feist.

If during a discussion the subject should turn to characters names, feast upon the information that can be found in our encyclopedia, maybe find who is related to who, how Raymond thought the name should be pronounced.

We admit there are still areas to be developed and we will endeavour to do so over the coming years. But like a good whisky, this site will mature well with time.

We would also like to acknowledge the work of Sebastian Nilsson, and a small team he leads, who are undertaking the massive task of reviewing and updating the current Encyclopedia content.

The Riftwar Cycle Encyclopedia incorporates 'The Encyclopedia of Midkemia' and 'The Encyclopedia of Kelewan'

Character names, place names, specific events and situations referred to are based upon the copyrighted/trademarked material of Raymond E. Feist and Midkemia Press. All Rights Reserved by Raymond E. Feist and Midkemia Press.

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