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AKA(translation): Томас 湯馬士
Category: Charactercharacter male

World: Midkemia
Pronunciation: TOM-us

Son of Megar and Magya. Once referred to by Pug as Tomas Megarson. Sandy hair, blue eyes, unofficial leader of the boys at Crydee Keep.


Books Mentioned In:
MagicianSilverthornA Darkness at Sethanon
Prince of the BloodThe Kings BuccaneerShadow of a Dark Queen
Rise of a Merchant PrinceRage of a Demon KingShards of a Broken Crown
Krondor the BetrayalHonoured EnemyKing of Foxes
Exiles ReturnFlight of the NighthawksInto a Dark Realm
Wrath of a Mad GodRides a Dread Legion 

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