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AKA(translation): Тит-Онанка
Category: Deitydeity
Lesser God

World: Midkemia
Pronunciation: Tith-O-nan-ka
The War God. The Tactician. The Happy Warrior. The Joyful Warrior. The Planner of Battles


Onanka - The Joyful Warrior

Tith - the Planner of Battles

Both were mortally wounded, but by combining their remaining essences they survived in part, as a new being, Tith-Onanka, the War God with Two Faces.


Books Mentioned In:
A Darkness at SethanonDaughter of the EmpireHonoured Enemy
MagicianMurder in LaMutRage of a Demon King
Rise of a Merchant PrinceShadow of a Dark QueenSilverthorn
Wrath of a Mad God 

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