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General FAQs - Kelewan

  1. How much input did Janny Wurts have in sculpting the every day life of the Tsurani?
  2. How did the general storyline and character developments come about in the Empire Trilogy?
  3. I thought the Minwanabi were obliterated?
  4. Whatever happened to the house of Lujan?
  5. When you thought of the Tsurani armour did you have an idea which parts were which colours?
  6. Please write more about the Empire and Kelewan i like the complexity and intrigue
  7. How many years between the Golden Bridge and the Empire ?
  8. Is only one internationally spoken language on Kelewan ?
  9. How big was the Stadium where the games Pug attended were held?
  10. Why was a Great One on the Ship that ran aground near Crydee at the begining of Magician ?
  11. Will there ever be any further developments in the lives of those upon Kelewan?
  12. What does a Tsurani's face look like ?
  13. How big is a Kelewanese Contemplation glade?
  14. Is there a releationship between Valheru colours and Families of the Empire?
  15. What makes the Cho-ja magician different from the the Black Ones?
  16. Why was Kevin brought back?
  17. What happens whan a Midkemian on Kelewan Prays to one of his gods or vice versa?
  18. Who were the original inhabitants of Kelewan that used up most of the metals in the planet?
  19. On Kelewan are there any other lands than Tsubar, Thuril, and Tsuranuanni?
  20. Is there a door to The Hall of Worlds on Kelwan?
  21. Where did the name Tsuranuanni originate ?
  22. Where did the name Tsurani come from ?
  23. Isn't there a group of dwarves on Kelewan called the Seven Tribes of Tsubar?
  24. What is the ancient Tsurani translation for "One who stands between worlds"
  25. How would a gong on Kelewan be made if not from metal?
  26. What colour Green is Acoma Green ?
  27. I see the Black Robes as similar to the Catholic Church
  28. What ever happened to the Cho-ja magicians?
  29. What Midkemia/Kelewan background material has been created, but not published?
  30. Is Tsurani culture based on Japanese culture?
  31. Who is Janny Wurts? And what is her relation to R.E.F.?
  32. How did R.E.F. and Janny Wurts get together to start writing?
  33. Are there going to be more Kelewan-based books?