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Visuals for Murder In LaMut

The following pictures depict some of the concepts that Geoff Taylor came up with whilst designing that perfect cover for the UK Edition of Murder in LaMut, the second book in the Legends of the Riftwar.


Early Visual

Geoff Taylor - Murder In LaMut - Early Visual

An early visualisation of what the cover for Murder In LaMut, may look like. The Background is starting to take shape.


Later Visual

A later visualisation of the cover. The concept for the background, is now well established, whilst the concept for the warrior is starting to take shape. Positioning of arms and sword is very similar to that shown in the image below.

Geoff Taylor - Murder In LaMut - Later Visual


The Real Thing

Geoff Taylor - Murder In LaMut - The Real Thing

Geoff himself posing with what appears a transparent bar to simulate a sword. This was to enable a clearer understanding of body joints, for the picture. And forms the basis of the layout used for the final version of the cover. 


To see how the cover progressed to completion, take a look at Murder in LaMut - The Making of a Cover 


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