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Gods of Kelewan

DeityThe Gods of Kelewan

The names that follow are of the gods of Kelewan mentioned in the books, or that have been mentioned by Raymond E. Feist elsewhere.

There is a known discrepancy, in that it is mentioned in Mistress of the Empire that there are 'Twenty Gods of Higher Heaven and Twenty Gods of Lower Heaven', where as in Magician it is mentioned 'He knows they will become the twenty gods of Kelewan, the Ten Higher and Ten Lower Beings '.


Twenty Gods of Higher Heaven

The Good God, The Healer, The Bringer Of Rest.
The Leveler, The Fountain of Knowledge, The Master of Justice.
The Just, Master of Life, God of the Home, Father of Winds, God of Justice
Goddess of the Inner Light. Goddess of Wisdom; Queen of the Sky; Mother of Birds; Builder of Clouds.
The Sleeper, Master of the Night, The Retriever.
The Master of Oceans, Builder of Ships, Master of Fishers.
Master of Song, Lord of the Dance, Father of the Arts.
The Architect, The Silent Builder, The Master of Works.
Goddess of Death, Lover of All, Dancer in the Darkness.
God of War, Bringer of Terror, The Revenger.
God of Chaos


Twenty Gods of Lower Heaven

God of Healing; Bringer of Blessed Health; Cloud Rider
Bringer of Peace, Lover of Children; Protector of Orphans.
Goddess of Singers; Mother of Happiness; Mistress of wine; Goddess of Love
Goddess of Brides, Goddess of Mercy
The Teacher; Master of Wisdom; Judge of Life.
Lord of Sailors; Father of Waves; Lord of Fish.
Mistress of Rain; Harvest Mother; Mother of Beasts; Mother of truth
Lord of Swords; Singer of Battle; God of Honour
Master of Levels; Hewer of Stone; God of Builders; Lord of Laborers
God of Farmers.
The Red God. The Killer God. Brother to Death, Eater of Hearts, The Silently Waiting One; Red God of Death
Lord of Thieves; Master of Assassins; King of Spys; Protector of Travelers.
God of Ill Luck.
Goddess of Travelers
God of Trickery and Chance


Other Gods Mentioned


(Higher/Lower Heaven Unknown)

Shield of the Weak
The role of this god is unknown


There is also mention of the following in the books, though no accurate reference is available.

Gods of Fortunate Aspect
The Mad God of Chance
Goddess of Fate
 Gods of Prank and Mischief


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