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Gods of Midkemia

DeityThe Gods of Midkemia


Greater Gods

Before the Chaos Wars there were 7 Controller (Greater) Gods, but after only 4 remained

The giver of laws; the thunderer; the builder
The worker from within; the calculator of odd
The weaver of wishes and desire
The abstainer
The Balancer, God above all (LOST GOD)
The Goddess of Good; The Light (LOST GOD)
The God of Evil (LOST GOD)
The Darkness


Lesser Gods

Before the Chaos Wars there were 100 Lesser Gods, but after only 12 remained

The just; the builder
The howler after fugitives; the tireless pursuer; the warrior god of vengeance; the unraveller of mysteries into truth
Goddess of Death. The Drawer of Nets. The Mistress of Death. Lover of Life. She Who Waits
The earth mother; the bringer of harvests; sleeper without dreams
The white. The Pure. Goddess of the one path
The artful dodger; the prankster; the night walker; the silent thief of precious commodities. God of Pirates. God of Thieves, Liars, and Cheats
The singer of green silences; the gatherer of quiet pleasures; Goddess of Love. Goddess of Foresters. Goddess of Sailors
The War God. The Tactician. The Happy Warrior. The Joyful Warrior. The Planner of Battles
Shield of the weak; goddess of passive strength; the protector
The dancer through men's hearts; the goddess of loved scorned; the lady of luck
The bayer after the moons; the Red-Jawed Hunter; the reveller in forbidden knowledge; the wanter of all things
The burner of cities; the spreader of confusion; the light bringer. The Fire God
God of Magic (LOST GOD)
God of the Sea (LOST GOD)
God of Knowledge, The Lorekeeper (LOST GOD)
Goddess of Healing (LOST GOD)
Goddess of Dance (DEAD GOD)


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