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General FAQs - Culture

  1. Are Keshian Dog Soldiers like Marines?
  2. Isalani open-handed fighting was based on any real martial arts?
  3. Which race of elves is the oldest an most powerful?
  4. How much input did Janny Wurts have in sculpting the every day life of the Tsurani?
  5. I thought the Minwanabi were obliterated?
  6. I want to find out more about Midkemian History
  7. When you thought of the Tsurani armour did you have an idea which parts were which colours?
  8. Why didn't the Kingdom ever attempt to use Tsurani weapons and armour?
  9. It's said that when someone dies, they take another turn on the wheel, but have none of the memories from the past lives. Would they still have the powers they once had?
  10. Are the Mordhel genuinely evil, or are they simply more barbaric than those residing in Elvandar, like the mad ones?
  11. Is only one internationally spoken language on Kelewan ?
  12. Are Drugs used in Midkemia?
  13. What type of justice do the elves of Elvandar have?
  14. Where did you got the idea for the dwarves amazing stamina?
  15. What is the rank structure of the Kingdom, militarily and Nobility wise?
  16. Are Praji and Vaga a gay/bisexual couple?
  17. Stefan, Manfred and sexuality in general
  18. How did you come up with the Hadati
  19. Why did you decide to go with dragons instead of some other creature like Demons or maybe Chamura when creating the Dragon Lords?
  20. Why did you choose The Kingdom of Isles instead of Kesh?
  21. When Pug and Tomas meet the Tiger men, why do they speak Kingdom ?
  22. Where to the Ocedhel originate?
  23. What Culture is 'x' based on ?
  24. Edhel (Elven) Differences
  25. More on the Moredhel 'Returning'
  26. What do Midkemians Read - Newspapers, Magazines, Fiction, History, Fantasy ?
  27. Is swordmaster an official rank?
  28. Is there "birth-control" in Midkemia ?
  29. What are the Isalani like?
  30. What are the people and politics of Roldem?
  31. What continents in our world resemble places in yours?
  32. Do forks exist in Midkemia?
  33. What are the usual punishments for crimes in the Kingdom
  34. What is the Keshian Confederacy?